Luxury Hotel Review: The Upper House Hong Kong


Where Is It: Hong Kong Island.


Why Go: It's elegant, conveniently located and a home away from home.


Best For: Stylish couples who love ultra modern style and views.


Three Things We Loved: The views, the spacious rooms, the modern decor.


The Ultimate Factor: A huge bathtub with a view of Hong Kong's dramatic skyline.




It’s located in one of the most lively and hectic cities in the world and the Upper House in Hong Kong is a luxury boutique hotel which has become a “retreat in the sky” away from the manic madness on the streets below. This property has been winning major design and hotel awards on a regular basis since opening in 2009 and from the moment you walk through the Bedonia stone doorway facade you get the feeling you’ve entered a private residence with a calming water feature and impressively polished staff adding to the sense of calm and serenity. As you’re transferred up to the sixth floor on the dimly lit elevator, this is when you realise how and why the Upper House was given its name. From “The Lawn”, a grassed area where you can enjoy cocktails in a bean bag, Hong Kong’s spectacular Victoria Harbour is the panorama and down below the buses, taxis and cars thread their way through the business heart of the city. And that’s even before you’ve taken the elevator to your room........


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