Seahorse Media is a creative media partnership based in the Gold Coast, QLD offering a wide range

of creative online, editorial and photographic services ideally suited to small-to-medium businesses.

Ben Hall

Ben possesses many skills across all forms of media, and has handled client relationships and marketing across Seahorse Media’s websites as well as its content creation divisions. With more than 30 years experience, Ben can help you create a marketing campaign that really connects you with an engaged audience, and can also help you create bespoke content which cuts through the increasing amount of “information overload”. In addition, Ben is an accomplished writer and photographer, specialising in travel, and has been widely published in leading print publications and online outlets in Australia and overseas. He is also a co-author and the primary photographer of the travel, food and photography book, Cruising (2009, New Holland), with Joanna Hall.

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Joanna Hall

Joanna has a lineup of media skills. She was the Managing Editor of Seahorse Media's travel websites, managed travel writers, and was a key content creator. Joanna is an online and print expert who knows how to produce compelling content, while subtly and effectively providing SEO best practices to ensure you engage with all-important search traffic. In addition to travel specialties including cruise and premium/luxury travel, Joanna is also a widely published health, wellbeing, and lifestyle writer. She is also co-author and photographer of the travel, food, and photography book, Cruising (2009, New Holland) with Ben Hall, and author of two women's lifestyle books, Forty And Still Fabulous (2009, New Holland), and Forty And Still Fabulous: The Next Chapter (Seahorse Media). Joanna has recently launched a YouTube channel with a focus on health, wellbeing and beauty.


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