Joanna Hall - Author

As a published author, Joanna has recently launched a new Facebook page where she aims to share information about women's health and wellness and to help promote various future activities including future books. Joanna is currently working on a memoir about her breast cancer experience. was launched by Seahorse Media in 2007 as Australia's first, dedicated, online premium luxury travel magazine. The website offers everything from key information on popular holiday destinations to hotel, flight, cruise reviews, and more, presented in a contemporary digital format that is easy to navigate as well as easy on the eye. The website has a new owner as of 2021 who is continuing to bring the best of premium and luxury travel to an Australian audience. was launched by Seahorse Media in 2016 to bring together all the best luxe-for-less premium and luxury deals for Australian consumers, along with useful travel tips and blogs, in an easy to navigate and user friendly environment.